Stockholm Art Week 2016 – Absolut Art.

Discover and enjoy our latest selection of 120+ limited edition artworks curated by Francesca Gavin (Berlin), Nadim Samman (Berlin), Jonas Kleerup (Stockholm), Samantha Culp (L.A.), Andrea Hill (L.A.), and Marc LeBlanc (L.A)
A little insider help goes a long way when it comes to accessing hot-ticket contemporary art from around the world. Enter Absolut Art, your one-stop-shop to discover and collect the hottest local artists Los Angeles, Berlin, and Stockholm have to offer.


12:00 / 15:00 / 17:00


13:00 Exhibition opens
14:00 Talks – Artist talks
15:00 Guided Exhibitions
16:00 Talks – Decorating with art
Jonas Kleerup, Louise Liljencrantz Sievers, Daniel Östman,
Alexander Leervik and Nahema Mehta


ADDRESS: Absolut Atelier, Drottninggatan 4, Stockholm.




Great Artists at Scandic Anglais

Meet some of the great artists displayed at Scandic Anglais in Stockholm this month.

Video features artists from our local art scenes Los Angeles, Berlin and Stockholm:
Fay Ray – Artist, Los Angeles (Shop artworks)
Lindsay Lawson – Artist, Berlin (Shop artworks)
kyttenjanae – Artist, Los Angeles (Shop artworks)
Anneé Olofsson – Artist, Stockholm (Shop artworks)
Samantha Culp – Curator, Los Angeles
Stef Heidhues – Artist, Berlin (Shop artworks)
Sinta Werner – Artist, Berlin (Shop artworks)
Malin Gabriella Nordin – Artist, Stockholm (Shop artworks)
Cecilia Ömalm – Artist, Stockholm (Shop artworks)

Artworks on display at Scandic Anglais, Stockholm
Artworks on display

Meet The Artist – kyttenjanae

“I hope to ignite universal, primal responses that transcend language, location, and time.”
– kyttenjanae

Based in Los Angeles, kyttenjanae transcends the real world into the online world. kyttenjanae creates visually stunning animations with a foundation in human emotions. Her creations reflect on our relationships with a digital twist leaving the spectator wondering what reality truly is. She created three cool limited editions for Absolut Art exploring themes such as creation and growth. See them and get to know kyttenjanae better at 

Meet The Artist – Danilo Stankovic

“I have an interest in the sublime and ecstatic aspect of our existence.”

Danilo Stankovic paints and draws from a mystical world of magic and myth. His work is both romantic and melancholic, darkness and light playfully balanced. A beautiful dream, or a magical nightmare, it’s up to you to decide!

View all Danilo’s limited editions made for the Absolut Art Stockholm Collection at

Stjarnorna follo ned och himmelen vek undan - streetview

Editor’s choice – Nordiska Kompaniet

We partnered up with celebrated designer Alexander Lervik and Nordiska Kompaniet to showcase exiting innovations and beautiful Absolut Art limited editions. Come by the renowned department store, NK, to see our window displays. You can also visit our art showcase at NK Inredning, be inspired!


Artworks from our Absolut Art Los Angeles & Absolut Art Berlin Collections on display at Nordiska Kompaniet, you can also see all our limited editions at

Nordiska Kompaniet is situated at Hamngatan 14 in Stockholm.



Meet The Artist – Santiago Mostyn

Santiago Mostyn is a storyteller. He is a photographer, a filmmaker, a writer and a documenter. In his process of creating he lets the work lead him, taking loose photos, editing, playing and watching the stories take on a shape of their own. His realistic yet magical photography earned him a spot as one of the most popular artists on right from start, both we and our collectors have let Santiago’s art capture our hearts and mind!


See all of Santiago’s limited editions for Absolut Art here.

Editor’s choice – double up!

I’ve always been a big fan of black and white photography and when I found “Still Resolution” by Catrin Andersson in our web shop, I fell for it immediately. I was drawn to it mainly because you can’t tell if it’s photography, drawing, a collage or something else. When I got the opportunity to photograph them, I had to double up the beauty, and I was amazed by how this large limited edition, in real life, takes your breath away!


Meet The Artist – Sascha Pohflepp & Chris Woebken

The newest additions to the Absolut Art Berlin Collection are three limited editions by the innovative Chris Woebken & Sascha Pohflepp!
Their collaboration brings the past and present together, they investigate how historical and modern society see the future, and the way these predictions will affect sectors like finance and climate science.
In their own words; “Our influences range from public archive materials that we dig up, all the way to videos of 3-D simulation amateurs on YouTube.”
Learn more about this creative duo on!
Sascha-Pohflepp-x-Chris-Woebken---Leibniz-Cocktail-Conjecture-110---Street---white-frameabsolut art berlin inside-3302

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